given fabric: 6 yards of swimsuit materialI showed a small interest in making my own swimsuit one time while fabric shopping with my mom, several years ago.  We picked out a pattern and a yard of swimsuit material… and then I never got around to it.  Swimsuit material is intimidating to sew with!  Then my mom found 6 yards of this swimsuit material in her stash and gave it all to me.  6 yards!  That’s enough for an entire swim team to have a couple suits each! Anyone else ever shop at Mill End Textiles? I think they closed recently. It was easy to end up with a ton of fabric there.
So whilst looking for fabric for a casing for a dress fix late last summer, which it turned out didn’t need extra fabric, I stumbled upon my gargantuan chunk of not-quite-obnoxious-but-almost, walking-the-fine-line-between-cute-and-horrid swimsuit fabric.  Then, the twinge of guilt.  Swimsuit fabric, like elastic, has a shelf life.  Use it or lose it.  It’s been sitting long enough.  (Oh, and I still have that other yard of $$ swimsuit fabric we picked out, swimsuit fabric is NOT cheap!)
baby swimsuit pattern
I found a swimsuit pattern for Stella, that’s a good start, but will only use like, 1/100th of it. Still, it’s something. Nice job, Pretty Prudent. Great pattern, terrific tutorial. My only sticking point is that she has it labeled as 5T- and it was borderline small for Stella, who is still wearing 24 months sizes. Really it’s a beautifully done. No need to take my own process shots, I could just sew. Check her tutorial out.
sewing a baby swimsuit
I made 2 suits following her pattern exactly, and found that only the legs require elastic.  Pretty Prudent used it on the straps and the top edge too.
So since I have enough fabric to sew this same suit over and over and over again, I made my own changes to the pattern.  I lengthened the front pattern piece to ruche it, widened it so it would fit a little better. Then I put it away for the winter. But it’s spring, and time to bust that out again! And since Stella has taken so quickly to potty training, I should probably consider making her a two piece for easier access. Anyone else have a good swimsuit pattern that they’d use again? Hey maybe Jessie would want to make a few swimsuits…